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Simple, low-cost, fixed-price accounting for professionals.

Free yourself from admin and spend your valuable time and energy

on what you do best.

We get you, because we’re professionals too.

As accountants and business advisors, we are in the professional services industry, just like you. So, we understand that your biggest asset is your time. And it’s best spent on income-generating client work, or investing in your own professional development, rather than chores like bookkeeping and payroll.

Our simple, low-cost, fixed-price accounting solutions are ideal for those in the professional services industries. We specialise in accounting for lawyers, medical professionals, consultants, brokers, photographers and more, letting you spend your valuable time where it counts.

Xero accounting software unlocks your most precious asset

As Xero Platinum Partners, we can set up and train you and your staff in the world’s most beautiful accounting software.

Xero automates your day-to-day bookkeeping processes like quoting, invoicing, debt collection and bank reconciliation. With the help of the Wise Advice team who can manage your payroll, GST and end of year tax returns, you’ll free your business from the burden of bookkeeping, giving you back more of your most precious asset - time.

Develop a profitable professional service business plan

With our wealth of experience in the professional services industry, we offer you more than just accounting services. Our experienced business advisors can help you develop a winning business plan for your law firm, medical practice, brokerage or consultancy business.

We have experience in streamlining business processes and optimising workflows to improve profitability. Plus, we can recommend, set up, and train your team in the use of suitable technology and tools that will save you time and money, and benefit your bottom line.

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Stay on top of your business accounting, at minimal time and cost, with Monthly Xero accounting packages from Wise Advice.

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