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Through our YouTube channel, we'll be sharing valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the complex world of business finance.

From tax tips to strategic planning, we've got you covered. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, our channel is the go-to resource for all things accounting and finance.

So if you're ready to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in business, be sure to subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for our latest updates. We're excited to be a part of your journey to success!

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Business Taxation Tools

With our Business Taxation Tools, you can streamline your tax preparation process, save time and money, and ensure accuracy and compliance. 

Guide | Deductible Business Expenses

deductible expense cheatsheet

You can claim a wide range of the expenses incurred as a result of operating your business provided you keep sufficient records during the year. And in this cheatsheet, we have included:

  • Standard business deductions.
  • Specific situations applied to each rules.
  • Free 30 mins online consulting.    

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Guide | Understanding Fringe Benefit Tax


Use this guide to help you with your tax responsibilities if you give benefits to your employees other than their salary and wages.

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Checklist | Getting Your Accounts Ready for EOFY

Annual account checklist

The end of financial year is a good opportunity for you to review the big picture. This annual accounts checklist will ensure you keep your business on track.

  • All-in-one Checklist
  • Complimentary Online Meeting

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Calculator | Wage Increment Cost Calculator

FREE Wage Increment Cost Calculator

Minimum wage to increase again, are you prepared? Do you know how the increase in Minimum Wage will affect your cash flow and profit? This calculator will:

  • Provide a ballpark figure of the effect of the wage increase;
  • Give you confidence to take the next step to grow your business;
  • 30 min FREE online meeting with our business planning experts.

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Calculator | Buy vs Lease vs HP Asset Analysis


Use this Lease vs. Buy calculator to figure the best deal on your equipment. Simply compare your total costs of leasing vs. buying over the term of the arrangement.
This calculator will:

  • Compare the costs among all the options;
  • Give you the confidence to take the next step to grow your business;
  • Arrange a 30 min FREE online meeting with our business planning experts.

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Calculator | Rental Income Tax Calculator

Rental Income Tax Calculator

With the changes to the bright-line test and interest deductibility rules carried out in late March 2021, it is very important for you to understand how this is going to affect your cash flow and get prepared for it.

This Rental Income Tax Calculator estimates annual income tax for income received after 1 April 2020 by

  • Calculating your rental income;
  • Deductible expenses;
  • The tax amount in the yearly tax bracket.

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Template | FREE Invoice Template

Did you know, if you are GST registered and you supply goods/services to someone who is also GST registered you have to provide an invoice within 28 days of a request by the purchaser; otherwise it is an offence which can attract penalties.

 A good idea is to set up a template with all information required, regardless of whether your invoices are for $30 or $3000 and use that for everything – that way you will know that you are always meeting the requirements of a tax invoice.

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Business Planning & Growth

Use these tools to make wiser decisions and enhance your business growth.

Guide | How to Choose the Right Business Structure

business structure guide

The business structure may affect your tax liabilities, growth and investment opportunities, ask for advice from an accountant before you make a decision.

  • Four basic structure types available in New Zealand
  • Factors you should consider
  • Pros and cons of each structure

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Course | 7 day Business Plan Course & BP Template


Take our free 7-part course and create a plan that will help you grow your business, raise funds or launch a new venture.

The process of writing your plan will help you focus, clarify your ideas, and identify priorities, saving both time and effort.

Over the 7 days of the course, we'll walk you through the key elements of a business plan and guide you step by step to build your own.

*includes free business plan template 

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eBook | Bizsell Direct Manual


This manual is not just a collection of insights; it's a treasure trove of actionable advice, templates, and strategies designed to demystify the process and maximize your success in selling your business. Whether you're contemplating selling, preparing to list, or already in negotiations, the Bizsell Direct Manual is your go-to resource for a smooth, profitable transition.

Unlock your business's true potential and navigate the sale with confidence and expertise. Get your hands on the Bizsell Direct Manual today and turn the page towards a successful sale.

*includes Biz Sell Resource Kit - templates and forms for crafting compelling sales materials

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E-commerce Tools

Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, we have everything you need to succeed in the world of online commerce.

Guide | A Definitive Guide to Lean Ecommerce


Lean ecommerce is a business strategy designed to maximise productivity, minimise operational costs, and give your customers the best possible value for their dollar.

In this guide, one of our clients, Oliver Munro, breaks down how you can implement lean thinking into your Shopify business strategy. He'll walk you through the entire process of building a successful Shopify store from the ground up, and cover all the steps you need to turn products into profits without breaking the bank.

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Template | Cash Flow Forecasting Templates


Cash flow forecasting is a powerful tool that helps you predict your future income and expenses. It helps you avoid cash shortages, plan for growth, and optimize your spending.

And we have just the thing for you: a cash flow forecasting template that you can use for your own e-commerce business. This template has everything you need to get started with cash flow forecasting. It’s easy to use and customize for your business needs. 

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Offer | Free Shopify / Amazon Account Audit

Wise Advice | Shopify & Amazon Account Audit

Of all the online business models, eCommerce is perhaps the most complicated. From inventory management to understanding the relationship between marketing spend and shopping cart size, eCommerce business owners have a ton on their plates.

Many of our eCommerce clients are on Shopify and Amazon. Because of this, and the desire to always guide our clients down the path of financial health, our team has come up with this special offer to audit your Shopify/ Amazon account, you can claim this offer if you are:

  • Shopify/Amazon sellers;

  • Using Xero for your accounting;

This audit session involves looking at how your account is set up currently to identify areas where you could improve to avoid any unwanted mistakes.

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Checklist | EOFY Checklist For Shopify Sellers


End of Financial Year stressing you out? We get it, there’s a lot to think about. And it seems to roll around quicker every year.

As an e-commerce business owner, you don’t have hours and hours to waste at tax time.

Luckily, as expert Tax Accountants, we have the ultimate resource to help you get sorted for the end of financial year AND review the big picture for your business at the same time.

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eBook | Drive your ecommerce business to success

Wise Advice_Drive your ecommerce business to success

Are you an ambitious New Zealand entrepreneur ready to conquer the online marketplace? Struggling to navigate the complex world of inventory management, financial issues, cash versus accrual accounting, and foreign currencies? We've got your back!

Introducing "Drive your ecommerce business to success," the comprehensive ebook designed to help you gain control of your financial future and achieve ecommerce success!

Discover the Key Strategies for ecommerce Financial Success with Our easy-to-follow ebook.


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