Case Study

Camila from Scribbler Gear



How To Make Doing Business Easy

There are plenty of challenges business owners have to face.
How to cut through the noise in a flooded market, finding a way to stand out from your competitors, creating smooth supply chains, controlling and monitoring staffing, nailing your pricing for profitability…
It’s a big list.
But there is one thing that shouldn’t be on that list.
And that is your accounting.
By partnering with the right accounting firm you can make doing business easy. But, if you partner with the wrong one, you end up with a big giant headache. That’s what Camila from Scribbler Gear discovered.

Before: Confusion And Frustration

Camila had had enough. After working with two accountants who didn’t understand eCommerce, Camila was sick of being treated like another number. She wanted to find a strong financial partner for her business Scribbler Gear.

Scribbler specialises in giving their customers the confidence and freedom to be outside in all weather conditions with their vibrant and fun rain jackets. But, Camila felt anything but confidence and freedom when it came to her finances

"We had struggled to find a good financial partner. Our first accountant belonged to a large firm and they didn’t see us as people. Every call or email cost us money. So, we moved to another firm that was meant to be more people-focused. They charged a lot but didn’t deliver on service. It would take weeks to receive a response to a simple question and the answer would be long and convoluted.

Neither of them had an understanding of eCommerce which was a problem as our store is online and operates completely through Shopify. We were frustrated, unhappy, and just wanted a good accountant.”

After: Peace And Better Business

“I’d heard about Wise Advice in the Shopify Facebook group, and when I checked out their reviews, I knew I had to speak to the team.”

Operating an eCommerce business is different to other forms of business, so you need a financial partner who understands the intricacies of this form of business. Even something as simple as accounting for Shopify fees while still keeping your GST records correct can be confusing if you haven’t dealt with it before.

Once Camila began working with the Wise Advice team, she realised how important it was to have an eCommerce specialist on her team.

Working with Wise Advice has been like night and day compared to our previous providers. We had been struggling with the other accounting firms because we just wanted to be better at running our business, but they were making it hard to do that. They would bog us down with paper files, unrealistic timeframes and long convoluted answers to simple questions.

It wasn’t like that with Wise Advice, they just made everything so easy. Nothing is ever a problem, a simple question receives a simple, timely answer and they explain things in a way that you can actually do something about it! I don’t need to schedule a one on one meeting, they will often send me a short explanation video which I love - it means I can pause and replay when I need to learn new aspects.”

Scribbler Gear

The A2X software solution played a huge part in helping Wise Advice tidy up the Shopify transactions for Scribbler Gear. Now, the ongoing integration allows for continually accurate transaction records between Shopify and Xero, plus allows for better reporting capabilities.

Making Business Easy

Business should not be over complicated. When you have the right people on your team, things should align and flow, allowing you to do better business.

Working with Wise Advice has saved me so much time and stress. I don’t have to worry about my finances any more. My finances are more accurate than they have ever been before and that is saving me money!

I have a greater understanding of Xero and how to use it better. They have also equipped me with great tools like a cash flow analysis that is clear and easy to understand. It allows me to be proactive and plan better, plus if anything changes I can adjust the figures myself to see what the impact will be.

The Wise Advice team get the job done with no fuss. They are straight talking and give you the answers you need when you need them. Everything is clear. There are no hidden costs, they are honest and upfront, and they are so professional and easy to work with.

They are technology experts and truly have made doing business easier. That also makes my life easier as I feel at peace about my finances. I really appreciate that feeling.”

Do you want to feel at peace with your finances too?

Wise Advice are the eCommerce accounting experts.

We would love to help you make doing business easy, just like we have for Camila.

Jump on a call with one of the team today and take your first step towards better finances.